Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday is Book Day in The Grove - The Fantasy Magickal Series of Katherine Kurtz

I have asked Fr. Ron Ivins to assist with content for the blog and of course he came back with, "What shall I write about?"  We discussed this dilema and decided that he could write a book report of sorts for a very good series of books that he has and that I have read the first book of. 

So with out futher ado I give you - Fr. Ron Ivins, well just what he sent me...okay sorry.  Here we go.

I am going to be reviewing the entire Deryni series that Ms Kurtz has written. The complete series is a quadruple trilogy. She starting writing it in the 70’s and the first of the series in the first trilogy was published in 1976. She had actually started a story before this and saw the potential to carry it a lot further, expanding on the characters and the story line. The time line for the tale begins in the 8th century about 720 AD. You could think of it as in a place long ago and far away but not as fantastical as the long ago and far away is for the Star Wars epic. She also wrote a number of novellas for the story which aren’t in the trilogies so that various characters and scenarios could be more fully developed outside the confines of the trilogies themselves. In addition, she found that a compendium was going to be necessary for reference work, functioning as a place to get the overall picture of the enormous body of work this series had become. This compendium is titled Codex Derynianus.

The reason I have chosen this series is that it has been the key bringing me from a staunch Christian focus to a more inclusive outlook on the world. Here I found all the possibilities and potentials that the acceptance of magick in the world has the ability to bring to each of our lives, making them more rich and full. At the same time, came the understanding that magick is not evil or bad of itself, only the awareness that it has the same potential for positive or negative that money has in the incorrect hands.

The way Ms Kurtz wrote the story has made it, in some ways, very relevant for today. She has included various human foibles, failings and weaknesses that many people will find hitting those various hot buttons because human nature hasn’t changed over the centuries.

Each blog that I write for this review will be continuing the story, one volume each time, starting with Camber of Culdi which is the first volume in the first trilogy. The first trilogy itself is entitled “The Legends of Camber of Culdi”.

Thanks Ron.  Next Friday will be the on the first book.  Till then. 

Blessings to you and yours.

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