Friday, January 7, 2011

Featured items in our store.

Today I am going to highlight the feature items in our store.  I am going to try to make this a weekly thing.

We have five items featured on the front page of the store Grove of the Ancients Pagan Marketplace.  Lets start with the first one.

Soltice Leather Journal Book 

Portraying both the sacred Solstices, this beautiful leather-bound 4 1/2" by 6 1/2" journal is a wonderful representative of time passing throughout the year. The leather surface has been hand embossed and printed to portray the sun for both the winter and summer solstice in a stylized fashion, two separate images divided by the binding, which has be styled as the sweeping trunk of a tree. This conjures a sort of feeling that you can only find in the old styled art, reminiscent of the Celts and other such ancient peoples, a feeling that is only enhanced by the way the vines and leaves portrayed create Celtic knots, with patterns within the sun and the shadows it casts similarly taking on the shape of swirling mazes and mystic meaning. This makes it perfect for recording your craft throughout the year, whether you are creating a Book of Shadows or keeping careful track of the seasonal changes and the way the stars, sun and moon interacted with your magick throughout the year. Each page found within is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks, further enhancing this wonderful journal with sturdy, earth-friendly paper. This blank book is approximately 300 pages in length, with its pages stitched into the binding.
This book sells for $35.00 USD and can be shipped all over the world.

Hand crafted and stitched green-dyed leather this thick leather bound 4 1/2" by 6 1/2" journal displays on its covers two very distinct and different views of the Goddess. On the front she would seem a wholesome being, nurturing and gentle-featured as she sits in the lotus position. With her chest bared but for her concealing hair, she sits before a backdrop of a woven Celtic pattern, seemingly embracing a starry night in her hands, from which pours the waters of life. On the back cover, you will see a very different depiction. This is the Goddess of womanly wrath, beautiful even as she is frightening; the very image of a woman who will protect her children by any means, and strike with a wrathful hand. This beautiful duality, hand printed and embossed on the leather, shows us how the Goddess provides and destroys as a part of life`s cycle, making it the perfect setting for your witch`s book of shadows. Within this fantastic exterior you will find blank pages that are completely chemical and acid free, and indeed are not even made of tree-pulp! Each page is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks. Not only is this environmentally sound, but it lends to the book a quality that leaves you yearning to write every time you glance it. This blank book is approximately 300 pages in length, with its pages stitched into the binding.
This book also sells for $35.00 USD and can be shipped all over the world.

Created in the design of an old scroll or parchment case, meant to endure traveling in saddlebags and other such modes of travel, this Scroll Leather Sketch Book has been exquisitely crafted of flexible leather, allowing it to be bent and folded without damage to the paper within. The entire book measures approximately 15" by 12" and contains approximately 100 pages. Simply unbind the leather tie and unfold the cover to reveal fine paper perfect for sketches, paintings, calligraphy, poetry and more; each page is made of recycled biomass, primarily consisting of recycled cotton fabric and other plant fibers, creating a sturdy paper with a smooth texture. Use it to capture what you see in your artistic craft, or keep it as a traveling Book of Shadows, putting to pen all of the magic that you seek.
This interesting book sells for $50.00 USD and can be shipped all over the world.

Large Moon Goddess Wooden Book Holder 15"

Crafted out of a single piece of wood so as to create a seamless, folding book holder, as beautiful as it is useful, this piece would make a wonderful addition to any altar, or indeed any kitchen counter! When unfolded, it supports nearly any book, rising to a height of approximately 6" and a width of about 12 1/2" to help keep you from having to stoop over and otherwise keep your precious books up above your workspace. This not only helps to keep your books clean, but it also helps to preserve the life of their bindings. This is because the book does not lay flat within the cradle of the book holder. It is kept at a sort of v-shaped angle, allowing the book to open naturally without strain to the binding. Outside of these practical purposes, the book holder is a beautiful piece, with its upper portion decorated on both sides by the symbol for the goddess. This symbol depicts her in the ancient style of fertility icons, portraying her as a womanly figure, with her arms raised up above her head to form the full moon. This, combined with the waxing and waning moons by her side, creates a lovely display of the triple goddess, and is accented by the pentagram marking the fertile gifts of her divinity. The book holder folds flat to a length of 15" long and a height of approximately 1" for ease of storage.
  This wonderful holder sells for only $33.95 USD!  Shipping worldwide available.

A must have for anybody who brings their books with them while working on their favorite recipes and when working their ritual crafts, this wooden book holder will help preserve your book of shadows and other such books even as it makes it more convenient to refer to them. When folded flat, it measures approximately 15" long and 7 3/4" wide. However, it unfolds to create an "X" shape stand, with four stable legs to support the V intended to hold your book without forcing the binding flat. When opened like this, it stands approximately 8 1/2" high, 7 3/4" deep and 13" wide to lift your book to prop your book up for ease of reading and to protect it from possible spills.
This holder sells for $22.95 USD and ships worldwide.

So those are some of our items we sell.  They are features on the home page of the store.  In addition to these wonderful items we have over 3500 other items to tempt you.  We hope you stop by and check them out.

Blessings to all.

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