Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Grove on Facebook

I realized that we have had a page on Facebook for some time now and I never posted any information about it.

The URL for the page is

Head on over and check it out.  Like it.  I have also added a 'box' to the sidebar of the blog that highlights what is happening on the page and there is a 'like' button there as well.  I just love addons.

Right now I am working on a promotion for our online store that the page is for as well as this blog.  More on that as I get things going.  It is turning out to be quite a challange to get it going.

I on the Facebook Page I am starting to post items of interest to the pagan community that I get from the web.  I will also be gathering the best of what I find and posting them here each week.  I hope you stop by and see what I can find.

I am going to get back to posting information on herbs again, those posts seemed to be very popular. 

So onward and upward.

Blessed Be!!!

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