Monday, September 26, 2011

Angelica - An Angel of an Herb

Woodland Angelica

Botanical Name: Angelica Archangelica

Family: N.O. Umbbelliferae

Folknames: Root of the Holy Ghost, Archangel Root, Garden Angelica

Cut Angelica

Angelica is a biennial plant.  While growing during the first year only leaves appear; during the second year a stem grows up to 6 feet tall.  The flowers bloom in July, are small and numerous.  They range in color from yellow to green.  Angelica favors a damp soil and can be found near rivers and bodies of water.
Angelica is native to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greenland and Iceland where if favors the northern regions.  It is cultivated in France.  I can also be found in Germany's Harz Mountians and in the Rodna Mountains of Romania.

History and Uses

For detailed information on this interesting herb see here.

Healing with Angelica

It has been reported that Angelica relieves the symptoms from the Colds, Flu, and Bronchitis.  It is also known to be used as a digestive aid and a relief for arthritis.

For an Infusion: Steep 1 teaspoon of leaves or seeds, powdered, in one cup of water.
For a decoction: Use 1 teaspoon of dried root per cup of water.  Boil then simmer for 2 minutes.  Let cool for 15 minutes then drink up to 2 cups a day.  It will be BITTER.

Angelica is poisonous if the roots are not dried so be sure to dry the roots completely if it is grown.  Angelica should not be given to pregnant women.  Internal use of Angelica may cause photo-sensitivity.

The FDA includes Angelica in its list of safe herbs.  Be sure to adhere to the previous information.  As always consult your doctor before using any herbs and if you develop problems after taking the herb.

Magical Uses and Correspondences

Gender: Masculine
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Deity: Venus

If the plant is grown is it believed to be protective.  Because of this it is a good additive for all protective mixtures as well as for exorcisms.  Bathe with the roots to remove curses, hexes and spells that have laid against you.  To protect your property from evil; sprinkle the root of the Angelica plant around the boarder.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

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