Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back with new products!

The Grove is back...

Where have we been?  We have been expanding from our presence in the eBay Universe to a shiny new retail store at the Mile High Flea Market in Henderson, Colorado.  Just outside the Denver metro area.  It took a couple of months to get things going, get inventory, stock the shelves, hang the tapestries, and get into a rhythm of selling in a retail atmosphere and not just in a online one.  The two are quite different.  Here is a couple of photos of the new Grove of the Ancients Pagan Store.

Now the store is set up and we are back to working on expanding our offerings on eBay in our store at Grove of the Ancients Pagan Store.

The New Shiny Things

We have a bunch of new journals that while similar to some of the older ones are quite different.  Instead of having a leather strap that holds the journal closed, these new ones have a nice, sturdy locking clasp.

Here are a couple examples of these nice new shiny things.

God's Eye Journal

Large Pentagram Journal

Along with the journals we have also added a large line of oils.  We are also pleased to offer stick incense in 20 packs, 100 packs and the huge 500 pack (limited selection).

We are currently adding new amulets and jewelry so check the store often for new items.

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