Monday, October 24, 2011

The Thinning Veil - This is Samhain

The thinning veil.  Now is the time when whispers of those who have passed before us can be heard on the cool winds.
The leaves are turning with bright yellow, oranges and reds filling the trees.  The harvest is ending as the last crops are picked from the fields.
Pumpkins begin to decorate the homes, their carved faces glowing from candle and light.  The Jack-O-Lantern stands guard.
This is SAMHAIN!!!  This is HALLOWEEN!!!

Now is the time to honor those who have passed before us.  We seek to speak to them once again, to ask questions, and to seek knowledge.  We do so with reverence and awe since we know this will only happen this night, the thinning of the veil.

Take up staff and cast a circle vast.  Welcome the spirits of element and guide, the Lord and Lady, beckon to our side.  Enjoy the night and seek you knowledge, let loose that has kept you and cleanse your way.  To the fire give all that is spent and cleanse your way.  In crystal, mirror and water gaze, seeking knowledge through the ethereal haze.  Dine with them who have eaten not.  Bid you farewell to those who were called.  Elements, guides, Lord and Lady to their halls.  Close your circle and yet be sure that what you have gained is hallowed and pure.  

Blessed Be!!!

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  1. Samhain or Hallowe’en is fast creeping upon us, the time when we and all nature withdraw within and our minds begin to look to the spiritual…
    As the outer light dims it reveals the sight of our inner light…our ego withdraws and our psyche illumines…
    At the ‘crossover;’ the ‘equinox;’ the ‘equal time;’ when both inner and outer worlds align, divination is most powerful…
    Halloween has always been a time of fortune-telling and otherworldly contact…Even though the Christianity supposedly own it and ban divination…
    The patronization of this celebration by the church has made its origins quite obscure…I have tried to understand it as fully and simply as I can and tried to make the history of the origins of Halloween as clear and simple as possible here:!articles/vstc2=the-history-of-halloween
    …interested if anyone can add or clarify…